Price (USD)
$6.91 M
Market Cap (USD)
$491.25 K
Volume (24h)
5.84 B

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Nucleus Vision is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously inaccessible data to retailers and other brick-and-mortar businesses through its proprietary blockchain and real-time sensor technology. Nucleus Vision has created a proprietary sensor technology that can uniquely identify users and detects temperature, pressure, motion, acceleration, and sound within its vicinity. This sensor can identify any customer in a physical store without Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS protocols, and is completely seamless and frictionless. Our IoT sensor technology is able to detect mobile phones as they pass through storefronts or any other location where a sensor is set up, enabling our users to detect visitor phones and mobile ID data privately over blockchain. This sensor feeds user-authorized data to an intelligence platform. In its current avatar, this intelligence engine provides users with useful and relevant product recommendations at brick-and-mortar retail locations.

Quantitative Performance

70 usage
85 metcalfe correlation 0.442
50 metcalfe exponent 0
60 normalized metcalfe 1.002
80 daily transactions 77.056
75 trading volume $ 1.32 M
14 development
12 github stargazers 0
14 github forks 0
25 github open issues 0
10 github contributors 0
10 github contributions 0
50 price performance
38 alpha -0.008
44 sortino -0.238
50 sharpe -0.14
61 treynor -0.015
57 upside 104.113
42 downside -165.761
50 upside / Downside 0.628
57 marketcap $ 11.77 M
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