Price (USD)
$144.84 M
Market Cap (USD)
$1.84 M
Volume (24h)
119.48 M

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Whether you want to create a custom sidechain or connect your application to that sidechain, Lisk offers a variety of tools to maintain your blockchain application with ease. Lisk Hub is an all-in-one solution to manage your Lisk ID, access and send LSK tokens, as well as vote for delegates. It combines functionality from the former wallet and blockchain explorer. In the future, Lisk Hub will feature a DEX (decentralized exchange), sidechain registration and the ability to launch your own ICO. Lisk Commander will help you create a cryptographically-secure genesis block or bundle vital sidechain components. These components include Lisk Core’s essentials, such as an efficient P2P WebSocket transport layer or a standardized account ledger system. Another tool empowering your sidechain is Lisk Elements, a collection of many useful libraries, such as consensus algorithms, pre-defined transaction types and the API. Important sidechain parts are drawn from Lisk Elements to achieve a shared cryptography, have an extensible API and extendable transaction types. With the support of Lisk Commander, Lisk Elements and Lisk Core, you will end up with your own white label sidechain. Of course, next you will want to add more functionalities to make your sidechain an unstoppable decentralized powerhouse.

Quantitative Performance

34 usage
23 metcalfe correlation 0
27 metcalfe exponent 0
19 normalized metcalfe 0
16 daily transactions 0
85 trading volume $ 3.11 M
94 development
96 github stargazers 2.69 K
93 github forks 445
96 github open issues 188
86 github contributors 75
97 github contributions 32.85 K
48 price performance
47 alpha -0.006
34 sortino -0.287
30 sharpe -0.21
40 treynor -0.024
15 upside 61.311
89 downside -106.729
37 upside / Downside 0.574
91 marketcap $ 198.79 M
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