Price (USD)
$34.03 M
Market Cap (USD)
$2.84 M
Volume (24h)
84.85 M

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The Crypterium Cryptobank will be a first step in satisfying this demand. It will be made available for download via the IOS or android marketplace and is planning to be ready-to-use on mobile devices immediately. Unlike conventional mobile banks that take weeks to process and issue cards, the Crypterium Cryptobank provides an instant processing engine for both fiat and crypto based currency transactions while enabling inter-changeability between the two. With Crypterium’s digital bank customers will finally be able to use cryptocurrencies to pay for fiat based goods without transaction limits and with low commission on any of the worlds existing 42 million payment terminals and many internet stores and payment points. Crypterium’s technology platform is developing to be based on algorithms that allow for the most efficient exchange rates matching across natural peer-to-peer flow as well as third party Crypto-exchanges. This is planned to be quickly followed by a range of complimentary banking services from simple Peer to Peer payments to Cryptocurrency backed lending. Crypterium aims to meet the banking needs of the Cryptocurrency Era.

Quantitative Performance

67 usage
43 metcalfe correlation 0.034
71 metcalfe exponent 0.003
85 normalized metcalfe 1.273
81 daily transactions 86.133
54 trading volume $ 306.87 K
14 development
12 github stargazers 0
14 github forks 0
25 github open issues 0
10 github contributors 0
10 github contributions 0
86 price performance
93 alpha 0.009
98 sortino 0.223
99 sharpe 0.112
90 treynor 0.009
82 upside 167.164
56 downside -147.824
98 upside / Downside 1.131
70 marketcap $ 23.25 M
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