Crypto Asset Analysis



Crypto Coin Reports

Understanding crypto markets and currencies is our business, let us help your investment analysis. Our coin reports breakdown key metrics to simplify and guide your investment strategies. Over 400 reports complete.


Personalized Dashboard

Create a custom dashboard to monitor and track the metrics you care about most. Create custom comparisons between 57 metrics and all of our coins. Sift through market noise and discover outperformers.


Performance Benchmarks

The crypto space lacks standards for direct comparisons. We provide easy to understand benchmarks of tokens by industry, vintage, and market capitalization.



Track and manage your crypto portfolio. See your ROI grow. See live changes impact your bottom line.



Test your investment strategies using over 50 metrics. Choose between daily, weekly, monthly, and annual portfolio restructuring. Visualize your possible returns.



Custom Due Diligence

Detailed deep dives into the technology, business model, and team of each crypto are necessary for many investment strategies. We will work with you to create a custom due diligence report answering your most pressing questions.

Meet the Partners

Rootmont is passionate about crypto investing and quantitative analysis. We strive to help investors easily understand and sort through potential investments with easy to understand metrics. Our metrics breakdown the most important components for your investment strategy.


Christopher Smith


Christopher is an established crypto innovator. He has spent many years as the co-founder and CTO of crypto projects including Lunyr and BitMesh. Christopher has also developed algorithms for IOT and deep learning applications. He was a PhD candidate in Mathematics and Computer Science and holds an M.S. and B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science respectively.


Autumn Powell


Autumn has long believed in the revolutionary changes of blockchain and enjoys personally investing in crypto markets. She began her career as an investment analyst for Invesco Private Capital. Her interest in automated analysis led her to self-study programming and data science. Most recently, she worked as a data analyst for a San Francisco smart refrigerator company.